6 Powerful Ways to Transform Your Body!


Are you honouring God with your body?

How often are we grateful that we have legs to walk?

Mobility is a gift that no one should ever take for granted. Fitness personality/ competitor Madeleine reveals how exercise combined with faith can heal a broken body.

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I wasn’t very active during my childhood. As I grew up, I did nothing serious in terms of my physical activities and or eating healthy. Once I reached adulthood, all l I did was work and party. I was about 65kg (130lbs) too big for my petite 1.63m (5’1ft) frame. Food filled a void inside of me. I loved sweets! Give me a cake and I would eat the whole thing. Food filled a void inside of me. It made me feel happy for awhile until I ate the next cake. My family tried to point out to me that my eating habits were a problem. My mom would say,”Turn to God.”

I never took my mom’s words seriously. I wasn’t really super religious. I knew I needed to do something but wasn’t sure if God had anything to do with me losing fat. One day while finishing off another bag of chips and thinking about what else to eat, a small voice told me. “Reach for the bible, instead of reaching for food.” This voice was so strong that instead of me grabbing more food I ran around the house looking for the Bible. I started reading. I wasn’t sure what I was reading but I just read. I remember the days I went to Bible school and decided to turn back to my faith so I could understand the word. As I totally surrendered myself in faith, not MY faith, but HIS faith…faith in Him, things started to change again for me. I heard his voice more.,”Sing worship songs…if your mouth feels like munching something.” I started searching on Youtube for songs of worship so I could sing instead of eat. God was fighting the fight for me. I realized that there was a disconnect in my belief system. My mother was right along, I needed to turn to God.

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6 Powerful tips to Transform Your Body!

  1. Seek the right information before beginning any type of fitness routine but where do you put your faith and trust? It should not be in the scale, or in the magic weight loss potion. Ask God to order your steps and lead you in the right direction.
  2. Look at all of the areas that might cause you to stop what you’ve started and work on eliminating them.
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  1. Choose not to follow the worlds example of always satisfying our fleshly desires; our every craving; our constant ” I don’t feel like it attitudes” and learn to practice self- control.
  2. Be consistent in your devotion to your healthy lifestyle as you are to God.
  3. Do something for your body everyday- whether it’s a 20 minute walk or strength training exercises.
  4. Develop a ‘never-give-up attitude’. The decision to follow Christ will require strength and courage to stand when you often will not feel like it.

Pray this Prayer : Lord you have entrusted me with this body, it is your temple. Lord you have designed it so perfectly, so intricately, so powerfully and it is my desire to honour it, care for it, nurture it and preserve it as best as I can. Lord, help me get the daily encouragement to exercise, eat healthy and maintain a healthy level of stress. I come against the ‘lack devils’; lack of motivation, lack of will power,lack of time, lack of money. Renew my mind and help me to understand that my body is a representation of you. I want to offer my body to you as a sacrifice that is holy and pleasing in your eyes. I understand that this is my spiritual act of wors hip. I claim the victory in Your precious and Holy name.

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