Society is obsessed with body image and, for many women, how they look has a direct affect on their self-esteem. According to the Idea Health & Fitness Association, your personal body image — toned, balanced weight, pleasing proportions, posture, vitality and other factors — is just as important as your strength and other measures of physical fitness. Here are the top 7 Workouts that will empower and boost your self-confidence.

Brandy Drinkard Yoga

Yoga- Brandy Drinkard Photo credit: Daniel Shin

Yoga can help you understand more your mind as well as your body. With yoga, you will become more aware of your limitations, as well as your potentials.

Kirstie Gannaway

Martial Arts/MMA- Kirstie Gannaway Photo credit: Cheryl Tay

Learning to punch, kick, wrestle opponents and maybe even break a wooden block will give you tons of empowering confidence.

Nicole Zapoli Dynamis Crossfit

Crossfit- Nicole Zapoli Photo credit: Simply Perfection photography

CrossFitters do a “Workout of the Day,” commonly called “WOD,” which entails anything from burpees to squats, to jump rope to pull-ups and push-ups. Rope climbs, tire flips, and box jumps are just a few of the moves you’re not going to find in your average group exercise class. It’s enough for any woman to make her feel like she can do anything.

lucia_rijker boxer

Boxing- Lucia Rijker

There’s nothing quite like actually punching a punching bag or using the speedbag to really feel empowered. If you don’t have a boxing gym nearby, you can always try a boxing workout DVD, like the 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp by Empower Fitness.

Pauline Mitchell

Battle Ropes- Pauline Mitchell

Battle ropes are said to be super fun and super hard. But doing anything that’s tough and slightly intimidating will make you feel on top of the world when you conquer it.

suzie Wong

Pole Dance fitness- Suzie Wong

Pole dancing as a workout is said to be a confidence-building, empowering fitness activity. It takes a lot of strength, stamina, and coordination to master.

Ashley Dorielle

Weightlifting- Ashley Dorielle

When you finish a weightlifting session, you may feel happy, relaxed, and proud of the work you have accomplished due to the release of endorphins..hormones that help you feel good about yourself.


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