About the Founder


The most powerful thing you can do is to be yourself. I now believe to get to the root of who we are requires the courage to remove the very thing and or person out of the way so that our hearts can open up, so that we can see more clearly.

By understanding who we are beyond the external identities that are given to us or expected of us, we embrace the core of who we are, we discover the nectar that attracts opportunities and others into our lives.

Life is a winding road with unexpected obstacles but it is during the hardest moments when we are led to know the depths of we are and discover life’s greatest rewards. In the end, the love and success that we are all seeking comes at the precise moment we are simply loving and bravely being true to ourselves…and that is powerful.

If you are looking for ways to dig deeper, to be braver than your fears, to make your mark and to do something exceptional with your life, then BFW is the brand for you. We are here to empower you and support every effort to be your best self. #namaste

About the Founder

Kanika Nikki Utley
Creator/Publisher BFW Magazine
Founder Black Fitness Women
Fitness Personality, Motivational Speaker

Kanika Nikki Utley served as a Producer on a host of acclaimed reality television programs such as NBC’s Emmy-nominated “The Apprentice”, Oprah Winfrey’s “Your Own Show”, Bravo Network’s Emmy-nominated and Taste award-winning show “Flipping Out”, BET’s Prism award-winning “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” and VH-1’s hit show “Celebrity Rehab”. Kanika Nikki’s love of writing, story telling and her strong desire to motivate others lead her to establish a second career in the health and fitness industry.

Kanika Nikki utilized her high school track and field experience as well as eight years of studying ballet to help launch her debut in the fitness competition world. After months of intense training and strict diet, Kanika Nikki’s physique and image transformed so dramatically that she became a healthy billboard for women nationwide to change their mind, body and soul. She won the overall winner title of NPC’s MuscleContest.com Bikini Masters Division 2012. She also placed top 10 in the Masters Bikini Division at Fitness Universe Miami 2012. Kanika Nikki continues to educate and motivate women with her online publication BFW Magazine and interactive Nikkigrowfit Fitness Workshops all across the world. Her unwavering focus to inspire and empower women propels her to be a formidable force in the fitness industry.