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Francisca Dennis is a 45 year old mother of 6 children! She is the epitome of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work. She admits that she’s not a calorie counter, eating approx 6 meals a day and balancing portions with clean carbs and lean proteins and lots of water.


” I had never struggled with losing baby weight. During my pregnancies I maintained a healthy weight gain of 25lbs on average and continued to run and train throughout all of them. Because of this, I think my entire pregnancy experience- labour/delivery and postpardum were all awesome experiences!… I guess that’s why I did it 6 times ,” she said in interview with Kim Dolan Leto.

She has a new book called “Soul Principles, 6 simple steps to a whole new you” which shares Francisca’s insight on the common issues women face and how to overcome them. “So often we get caught up in our negative and destructive mind traps that we sabotage our dreams and desires. In this guide, I look at some of the more common brain ruts that we struggle with, to allow us to break the damaging cycles and get the reader closer to the person they want to be.” said Francisca in


Francisca’s Fitmama rules!

  • Throw away your scale *It’s ok if you skip a workout once in a while!!
  • No Guilt…and no negative self talk!!
  • Always make YOU time (and that doesn’t have to mean gym time)..take a walk, meditate, take a long bath.. read a book… grab a coffee with a friend etc.If you’re not looking after yourself, you will have less patience, energy with your family.


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