The beautiful mother Shielu Barwani


This beautiful mother Shielu Barwhani stays young and fit through the power of yoga. Would you believe she is 46?

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The word “yoga” is Sanskrit and has many translations, including “union.” The practice originated as a philosophy to unite mind, body and spirit through breath control, meditation and physical postures. Today mounting evidence suggests that there are major age-defying benefits.

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One of the major anti-aging benefits of yoga is how it helps you learn to manage stress, a risk factor in age-related illnesses ranging from heart disease to depression. But don’t expect one or two classes to magically make you cool and composed—it takes time to change the way you react to stress. “We know that the way the brain can change itself is through repetition of any activity, thought, word or deed over a long period of time,” says Dr. Timothy McCall. “So even a short yoga session every day has far more benefit than a longer practice once a week.” —courtesy

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