BFW Magazine’s Art of Body series celebrates the human body as a dynamic canvas. It is an amazingly complex life-form that allows us to live, breathe, see, taste, smell, touch, feel, walk, jump, swim, hug, write, draw, eat, laugh, play and whatever else we WILL it to do. The body is a sophisticated and unique entity that should be embraced and not judged by the size of its chest, butt, or the shape of its nose.
If you want to feel good about your body then you must start seeing it for what it really is. So what if you have a few stretch-marks or you’re a bit hairier than you’d like to be? Your body is still fabulous and there is an awful lot that you can DO to care for it and transform it. Remember, change begins with YOU.


If you have a negative chatterbox inside your head that drones on day-after-day, spouting destructive and superficial criticisms of your body, then maybe now is the time to tell it to shut up and stop being so unfair. Let’s be radical and simply stop listening to it so that we can all start living in harmony with our own bodies AND other people’s bodies too.

Isn’t YOUR body amazing? Doesn’t it deserve a bit of respect? Celebrate your body with the proper nutrition and exercise it deserves. Meet five Beautiful Fitness Women who dare to become what they manifest in their mind in BFW Magazine’s Art of Body series in the summer issue available now.

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