Can you believe that Ming-na Wen is 51?

It isn’t just her Asian genes that is preserving her youth. She never had well built arms or an athletic physique until she started the show Marvel’s Agents of Shield. While most women her age are shying away from weights and rigorous training, Ming-na is embracing it. The show really helped her focus more on her health and cleaner diet.29

In one of her interviews, Ming-na Wen admitted that she’s not into working out, “I’m not the kind of person who likes to get up early and put in an hour jogging or whatever. But I’m motivated by fear. I say to myself, ‘You’re wearing a leather catsuit. Do you want to look bad, or badass?’ So it’s martial arts training, Pilates, and every five minutes, if no one’s looking, I’m doing lunges and squats.”


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