Citira Corrigan IS THE WINNER OF Starworld Network’s Fit For Fashion!


image (3)Citira is a mother of 3 and continues her fitness journey with Fitness First Personal Trainer, Rinn Farina. Citira’s fitness goal is to “shed fat but also to build a stronger, sculpted, powerful, fitter, leaner body. I don’t just want to look fit, I want to feel super fit!” Farina works with Citira 4 times a week to achieve her goal, and in her words, “she (Farina) completes me.”

But it is Farina’s story that really caught our attention. We’ve all been there… wondering if there is more to the life we are already living. Well, there is…

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I am suddenly hit by a huge wave of emotion and transported through time to the me 8 months ago standing in front of a mountain of dirty clothes that needed washing, sorting and folding, and thinking to myself, “Is this it? Is this my life now? I love my boy and Yes Universe I’m grateful for my lil family – but is this truly all I’M ever going to be?!”

And now…i’m watching myself on my own TV and it’s so freaking surreal. That is me – I did that! I did those things, those incredible, challenging, crazy, extraordinary and spectacular things. Things that only a few months ago I never imagined that I could or would ever have the chance in this lifetime to do.

For so many years I had let go of my dreams. I had lost sight of my aspirations, I couldn’t even draw a map to them. This extraordinary journey is not only helping me to transform into the fittest version of myself, it has truly become the compass to help me find and realise my dreams.”–Citira


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