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Angelina Tay transformed her health and life with the power of belly dancing. Looking amazing at 35! She began her journey into the performing arts at the age of 7. Starting her study of bellydance in 2002, Angelina is the owner of Angelina Tay School of Dance and enjoys teaching others the art of belly dancing.

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Belly dancing provides an excellent workout that burns calories to aid in weight loss, improves muscle tone and enhances flexibility. It also allows you to move your body in ways that celebrate femininity and may improve your self esteem.

The various hip movements. Your hips roll, drop, perform figure-8s and shimmy while belly dancing, increasing hip range of motion and flexibility. This flexibility can decrease lower back pain.

Also, belly-dancing movements target and tone the muscles in your core — and a smaller waist could make your hips appear larger…creating the illusion of an hour glass shape! Eat healthy and belly dance!!!

Photo credits for both photos
Dancing in the suburbs of Singapore…
Costume by Bella.
Photography by Kenneth Choo.

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