The spiritual walk to healing your broken pieces

A friend was told it’s not Christian-like to have tattoos. Tattoos??? Really? Who says? Did God really say that? Or is that another interpretation of what someone thought or dreamed they heard? In the Bible, Jesus saved the souls of the wretched and we’re worried about tattoos? Man created this religious atrocity to single out the sinners…it’s NOT of GOD.


Religion and religious practice needs to be re-examined. Maybe even thrown out the window! These rules/traditions were created by man and we have seen throughout history how man has used rules/traditions to gain power, to control the masses, to make people compliant without asking questions. We as humans are innately curious. This curiosity is a result of our intelligence. Without this curiousity …early man, the homo-sapien, would not have taken their first steps out of southern Africa to explore and populate the world. Without man’s curiosity, this wonderful human blessing from the DIVINE, there would be no modern day medicine, science, technology. How soon we forget our greatness as mankind. How soon we forget how so many religions, even Christianity, was used to rape, murder…wielded like a weapon to ignite wars. It does not seem like religion is of GOD. It is more of man’s interpretation, manipulation and creation.

Whatever happened to spirituality? When will we seek GOD, love, trust, forgiveness and non-judgement within ourselves. When will we start practicing blind faith and our service to others? When will we practice the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed everyday and be mindful of when we go astray. When will we stop practicing religion? When will we stop using religion to divide us? I believe GOD’s love is meant for all HUMANITY. I am a Spiritual woman…not just Christian…that means I can walk with other spiritual beings no matter who they believe in. WHY? Because I know who I AM.


Do you know who you are? Have you been doing the spiritual work? We all have so much internal work to do and yet instead we distract ourselves with looking outward at others to judge and criticize. If you do not agree with someone’s actions, ask for understanding. Ask about another person’s intentions….now THAT’s having a discussion and learning about why someone does certain things. There is no need to name call or consider another person less than Christian, not a Muslim. I walk with spirituality…I pray, meditate, yoga, chant mantras, daily journal, eat healthy, exercise, do my best to serve others, read self-affirmation books and even read and learn about other religions like Buddhism and how they practice the teachings of the DIVINE. I do all these things everyday to heal. I do this because I am curious.I want to know who I am.

We question GOD because we are curious. So many lose faith in spirituality because we shame those who question the DIVINE with RELIGIOUS reactions instead of using it as a spiritual opportunity to deepen our own faith. Like the dark energy in space, we are compelled to question and explain the unexplainable.

The insecurity, emotional wounds, mental anguish/dispair/ anger, lack of love/worthiness within us projects because we are not willing to do the internal work to HEAL! What are you doing everyday to HEAL your broken pieces? So many of us do not KNOW who WE ARE? Do you know who you are? What are your broken pieces? What have you done to heal them? What makes you the HUMAN you are today? This is something we must work on everyday of our lives until we die. Listen, If you truly KNOW who you ARE, you’d stop struggling with whatever is ailing you i.e. depression, weight and make a different choice. That choice is fueled by knowing your truth, your higher purpose, the thread that connects all of your life experiences to who you are today. DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? If you can not answer these questions without just the surface, ego-driven answers then it is time for you to do the internal WORK on YOU. Stop walking all over your broken pieces. Gather those precious pieces together and HEAL them.


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