Kamla Macko shares with the world her ‘why’ to lose weight and get healthy. Are you following her on IG? @kamlamacko

“I want to share my before & after pics with the world to demonstrate that I didn’t always look like this. I had to work extremely hard for the body I have. As u can see in my before pic, my midsection was my biggest problem. I had to work on my nutrition every year w/ a combination of proper exercises. The pic to the left was in 2007 & to the right 2014. 7 years apart. Ladies & gents it takes time for the body to develop. If you stay consistent, I promise you will reap the benefits. I hope this will inspire you all to get up & get moving.”-Kamla


How many transformations will it take for you to believe that you can do this? Start today. Find a personal trainer nearest to you. Let’s go!


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