Kung-Fu Master and Flexibility expert Stacey Nemour displays her flexibility at 40 plus yrs old and believes anyone can get flexible no matter their age.

“It’s sad how many injuries, unnecessary surgeries and use of pain medication could be prevented if people only knew how to properly stretch themselves. Also, it is a critical tool in anti-aging because by gaining flexibility one loses that hunched-over posture and appears more youthful — gaining the ability to move with ease and grace,” she told Huffington Post.

According to Nemour, flexibility is the key to working out at your highest level because it increases the range of motion in your sport or daily activity which burns more calories. Ninety-eight percent of injuries are due to a lack of flexibility. She believes if one is working out without stretching, there’s is an imbalance in the body. Doing just one or two stretches is not enough because everything is connected.

For example, let’s say your lower back is tight. It could be coming from your calves being super-tight which connects to tight hamstrings, hips, which goes into the back.


Here are Stacey’s tips to get more flexible:

  1. Use your breathing to help you stretch, people tend to hold their breath when they feel pain, so the more the stretch hurts, the more you need to breath.
  2. If an area is really tight keep switching sides and go back and forth; you’ll find each time you switch back you’ll go a little further in the areas you feel tightest, and your body will begin to stretch more with increasing ease. If there is not another side to switch to, keep repeating the same stretch holding for a few seconds and going back into it until you feel your body has let go.

Let’s say you are sinking down to go into the splits. Use your breathing: exhale and relax your groin area as you feel your muscle release, sink deeper into splits to a new place you hadn’t been before. That will become your body’s new set point! The body remembers.

Also, keep visualizing seeing yourself exactly as you wish to be — the body follows the mind.


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