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Omg! Bread less sandwiches!!!!! You don’t have to use bread which makes alot of us spread. In other words, get fat! Layer your lunch between lettuce wraps, quinoa buns, portobello mushroom tops and more. Here’s how “Dinner With Aura” makes this awesome Collard Green Wrap with Carrot Ginger Hummus and Rainbow veggies recipe with no bread:

“This recipe brings my rainbow idea to the grownups in a healthy collard wrap that allows endless room for adaptation based on what you like. With color in mind, I added some yellow carrots to the hummus (with a splash of ginger) and added a full rainbow of colorful veggies. Red: Beets and red bell pepper. Orange: orange carrots. Yellow: yellow carrots. Green: Micro greens, collard wrap, avocado, and zucchini. Blue/Purple: Purple cabbage.

For a protein punch, I added a blend of black rice and quinoa. The result is this energy packing portable meal. Perfect for quick lunches and power snacking.”-Aura

For more on this recipe and other bread less sandwiches go to:


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