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How to take a Leap of Faith and land on your feet!

What do you do when you’re faced with making an important decision without really knowing the outcome? Do you turn and walk away? Or, do you take a leap of faith? Fitness personality/competitor Rachelle Dejean explains what it means to jump into action even when we’re consumed with doubt and uncertainty.

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I had devoted myself entirely to volleyball even while attending college.

Unfortunately after two years of team practice, intense training, extra reps in the gym, and putting in my own time running extra miles, I learned that the athletic aid I was promised was no longer available for me. What a blow. I felt defeated and heartbroken. Furthermore, after all my sacrifice, devotion, and discipline I had put forth to earn the athletic aid, it now seemed so unappreciated.

To me, the school’s motto of, “excellence” was reduced to a lie.

This was the biggest test of my character that I had ever faced. I realized at that moment it is adversities like this that puts things into perspective. So, I asked myself, “Am I going to give up? Do I give in? Do I stop caring? Or do I take the leap of faith and push harder to show that I earned it even though the possibility of athletic aid would never come my way?”

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How to take the Leap of Faith tips

  • Take time to really listen to your heart and your intuition, and be guided to make the choice that you know is the right one for you.
  • Be willing to commit to your choice, regardless of what others may think.
  • Trust that whatever result your leap of faith may bring, you will gain much from it in terms of growth and learning.
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  • Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams. It is scary to venture into uncharted waters, but staying on the shore is not the choice that will bring happiness and fulfillment.
  • Take baby-steps. The smallest amount of movement in the right direction sure beats staying in a place that is not where you truly want to be.


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