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KinoYoga is igniting the desire to handstand worldwide. Her @codyapp 31 Day Journey to Handstand plan with @beachyogagirl is inspiring everyone to attempt inversions. According to Pat Layton, physiology teacher for the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco’s Advanced Studies Program, “People have to do aerobics because they don’t invert. You have to run really hard—get the heart pumping hard—to circulate blood down to the feet and up the back. Not that you shouldn’t do aerobics, but inversions are a healthier way to get the benefits [to the circulatory system], particularly as you get older.”

Here are two KinoYoga moves that will help you begin your handstand journey.

Day 1 of #JourneytoHandstand is Lift Your Object.


A yoga block is the perfect size and shape because it’s about shoulder width apart. But if you don’t have a block grab any object, the heaviest it is the harder. So if you grab a stone like I did it will be really tough. A book, a suitcase, laundry basket, anything you can lift over your head works. Stray off with bent elbows and the straighten the arms, squeeze the elbows towards eachother, activate the inner thighs, engage the pelvic floor, tuck the tailbone, engage the lower abs, draw the ribs slightly in… All to find the vertical line. Then if you feel stable, elevate your scapulae to reach your object as high as possible

Day 2 of #JourneytoHandstand is Chaturanga Dandasana.


This basic strength pose builds the stability in the shoulder girdle and activation in the core that handstands require. Take it up a moth and add in the one leg lifted push-ups. Take it down a notch and just do plank.

FOR MORE TIPS GO TO @kinoyoga @codyapp on Instagram You’ll be handstanding in 30 days!


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