Jessica Vasquez and Frank TheTank Hieden



A couple that sweats together stays together! We just love seeing Jessica Vasquez chilling with her man! They also go hard in the gym together… such a gorgeous fit couple! Grab your man and workout!

“Awesome body, gorgeous smile, brilliant, and amazing personality! What else could a girl ask for seriously? I am the luckiest girl in the world! You are truly the BEST thing that ever happened to me Frank TheTank Hieden.”-Jessica

“Sometimes it’s the small things I do randomly that makes her Happy!!”— Frank

The connection was like “swolemates at first sight”. Little did we know that doing our very first fitness competiion together would strengthen our relationship in so many ways. We learned to be disciplined with our eating habits, scheduled gym sessions in together like appointments, and consistently pushed each other when we felt like giving up. Fitness has improved our way of living for the better and this lifestyle has transformed our mind, body and outlook in life. It strengthened our relationship because it helps keep each other accountable for our goals. From a college kids lifestyle, drinking, late night partying, eating fast food, living carelessly to a more disciplined, structured, committed lifestyle with a goal to continually progress. We have so much fun improving ourselves and inspiring other fit couples to do the same.


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