Journey to NO BREAD

6 Easy Ways to KICK away the FAT.


Our goal is to help you lose weight, transform your body and make you feel better overall.

6 Easy Ways to SUCCEED:

– Plan your meals ahead and prepare your food for the entire week. It helps you save time and makes it easier to stick with your new meal plan. When preparing meals, cook extra portions to reheat. Being unprepared leads to mistakes.

– Eat at least 3 meals and two healthy snacks. (this will cause your body to burn more calories throughout the day)

– Eliminate all simple carbohydrates from your diet. This includes bread, sugar, white rice and pasta. One thing that you need to completely eliminate high fructose corn syrup – this is imperative.

– Increase your lean protein consumption.

– Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep a night.

– Try lifting HEAVY weights – seek further guidance by booking a consultation online for weightlifting tips with Nutritionist/Personal Trainer and Owner of BODY ON TRACK, Maggie Mangiel. @maggiemangiel


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