Sometimes we think the fitness journey is all about the physical. Actually, it has everything to do with what’s going on inside of you. Jessica Koston shares her beauty transformation in the latest issue on the blog. www.mybfw.com


We share with you an inspiring thought from author Stephanie Lintz, How to Create Inner Beauty:

The Secret Revealed

Mastery of a Great Attitude with a Spirit of Love is essential in developing Inner Beauty, that inner glow that shines from truly beautiful women of any age. Attitude is an expression of how we see the world, and the seeing the world through loving eyes can be our daily choice. Each of us possesses alight that shines from within. Feed this light with positive thoughts, and attitudes become positive, even in challenging situations as our light shines even brighter.

Carefully choose the truths most essential to fuel your inner glow, and focus them toward your passions.


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