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4 Ways to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

by @nikkigrowfit

Do you remember the time when you were a little girl? Visualize her now. Can you see her smiling? Can you hear her laughter? What about her imaginations? Can you pretend again? Can you see her magical world lighting up inside her head? Can you see the images waking her up to play? If you can see her, hold her hand. Tell her I remember.



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The RISE Women Empowerment Tour is an inspiring journey that took us back to when we all were driven by our imaginations and dreams. The founders of The RISE tour certainly dreamed BIG. Alikay Nautrals CEO Rochelle Graham and Angela Walker, Owner of N Natural Hair Studio /Founder of The Naturalista Hair (Consumer) Show, Natural Hair Nstitute, and The Natural Hair Industry professional convention created the platform “…to help female entrepreneurs and small business owners find the resources needed to build their brand in the competitive fashion, beauty, and wellness space, while also giving them an opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience.”


The Los Angeles tour stop attracted women on the RISE from all over the nation. The excitement to learn, share and connect with others lit up the air. We did more than shake hands and exchange business cards. Hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter spread like wildfire amongst the crowd. Various colorful vendors were on display, showing off all their goods and services while also blessing the waves of women with free gifts and raffle giveaways. Luna Muni’s soulful violin performance lured the women to their seats like a moth to a flame. Her melodic serenade showed us all that music not only unites people but it also ignites creative seeds in our minds.


The four local panelists graced the stage. I happened to be one of them. I was so full of gratitude to be amongst so many great women in the room. Each panelist spoke of their RISE Journey, reminding all that everything begins in our hearts and in our minds.


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4 Ways to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality



All we have to do is START. Yet, starting isn’t always easy for many of us. Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in achieving a dream. There are so many mental obstacles that make it difficult to take that first step. Fear is usually our biggest hurdle. Fear nearly derailed me from pursuing my own dream. I was at a crossroad in my life because I was afraid. I was afraid to fail. Yet, we must remember, when we fall, there is only one way to look and that is UP. Face your fears and RISE.



Once we start pursuing our dream, we may find along the way that we know very little or lack experience. Yet, it’s okay. Ms. Donnieo revealed that our weaknesses are opportunities to grow stronger. We must be willing to set our ego aside and ask for help. “If there is someone in the industry that you admire or that you may feel is out of reach, still reach out to them,” said Ms. Dunnieo. Remember, there is a lot to gain by having a mentor. We can limit tricky situations and how often we make mistakes by having someone guide us in the right direction. Take advice and RISE.



Sometimes we doubt ourselves. We start questioning whether or not we are on the right path. Zim Ugochukwu shared how doubt brings mistrust, which appears real, even though it may have no real substance. It arises when the ego is threatened or undermined. Such doubt creates fear and worry. It is the enemy of real happiness. “Find that common thread that ties your story together,” said Ugochukwu. When we remember that one thing that we always did as a child and how it manifests in our lives/careers in the present, we can trust that we are on the right path. Find the common thread and RISE.



As we climb higher on our RISE journey, we might start comparing our success to others. Perhaps we might feel five years behind. Melissa Hibbert showed us how we’re sculpting a life that is a reflection of where we need to be. Therefore we must stay true to our vision and follow our own path. “It is absolutely possible to have anything that you want, but you have to do it on your terms,” said Hibbert. It’s great to celebrate and be inspired by the path of others but most importantly, we must remember to celebrate our own. Love your own footsteps. Follow your own path and RISE.

Always remember that little girl that STILL lives inside of you.


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  • Trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way.
  • Trust that you can take care of what is important to you.
  • Pursue what is meaningful to you.
  • Cultivate what moves you.


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