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Like the German music group Snap!’s “The Power” song says, “I’ve got the power!” We have the power, and it is a gift. It’s an enabler to success, action, and manifestation, and it is meant to be used. Yet, many of us do not recognize this precious gift we all naturally possess. In numerous occasions, we are inactive with our power. We give it up, diminish it, hide it and just simply don’t use it. Some of us are even afraid of our own power. We stand on the sidelines watching instead of participating in the risky game of life. When we dare to live out loud we are choosing to participate, control our destiny and live out our purpose no matter the obstacle. Embracing a new decade having just turned 50 this year, fitness lifestyle coach Patti Kimball recognizes the depths of her own inner strength. She shares with BFW Magazine how she’s using her power to live out loud, proud and fearlessly.

“Before I was the Mom who took care of my self when time permitted, who ate less to keep my weight down, thought cardio was the way to get the shape I longed for and being skinny was the answer.Now I am fitter at 50 than I ever have been! Celebrating my 50th Birthday this year was really a “wow” moment for me. I don’t feel 50….I feel strong, healthy, happy and alive! My “fitness” has truly become my “lifestyle” and just who I am! My kiddos say it the best: “Mom you are not like all the other Mom’’re jacked”! lol 🙂 That my friend is a compliment I will never ever forget! Forget the number…live out loud!”


Photo credit for both pics: Chad Vermillian

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