Marjorie Harvey, Rocking her 50’s! You can do it too.


Losing weight, getting healthy, remaining fit, lean and muscular in your 50’s isn’t as hard as you might think.


The average woman gains 1½ pounds a year during her adult life—enough to pack on 40-plus pounds by her 50s, if she doesn’t combat the roller coaster ride of hormones, muscle loss, and stress that slow her fat-burning engine. But midlife weight gain isn’t inevitable. Just ask the creator of The Lady Loves Couture, Marjorie Harvey, who also happens to be tv host/Hollywood comedian Steve Harvey’s wife. This vivacious vixen has found successful eating/workout strategies that help reverse the effects of aging.


Marjorie’s three foundational principles to living a healthy life:

Mindset – Think and feel forever young. How many of us have said,”Oh, I’m too old for that.” Actually, you’re NOT. You can do anything you desire so live BIG like Marjorie. Ok maybe you don’t have the money like she does the but lesson is to live a full active life and you don’t need a lot of money for that…travel, enjoy new hobbies, take care of your health, help others achieve their goals. Changing your mindset is the catalyst for longevity.


Eat Right – Oh boy here comes the eye roll. Please stop! Take a breath. It’s not that hard to make a few small changes in your eating and cooking habits. No body said give up everything at once but definitely start reducing and limiting high sugar and fatty foods in your diet. See how tight Marjorie looks in her swim suit? That’s all DIET. Heck, follow one of our free meal plans on the blog for a week and see how you like it. You never know, you may feel really good after that first week and want to keep going. A balanced diet is finding what works best for you. Most people follow the 80/20 rule…80 percent healthy and 20 percent bad…so that’s two cheat meals a week. Take one step at time.


Workout – And yes you DO have time. Make time. Here’s what Marjorie has to say about exercise from her blog:

“Like it or not, exercise is critical to health at any age. Healthy figures cut the appearance of aging significantly. I am not suggesting that you kill yourself trying to capture the physique of a 21-year-old, but I am suggesting that you identify some reasonable physical fitness goals and commit to them. Strive to look your very best at this age. Personal trainers are more affordable now than they’ve ever been, offering virtual workouts, in addition to DVD’s and one-on-one sessions. But at the very least, identify some form of exercise that you enjoy and practice it at least two to three times a week.”

Get more inspiration from Majorie and yes sometimes she gives away free designer bags yes!…go to: All photos courtesy The Lady Loves Couture.

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