Meet the Harringtons! Grow Stronger and Leaner


Meet the Harringtons! Raven and Michael didn’t start out fit but grew stronger and leaner together!

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How’d we meet?

We met at our college 4 years and 7 months ago (and got married this past July). We had been active our whole lives but were actually out of shape when we met. My apartment was broken into and everything was stolen. She was working at campus safety and took my call. A week later we bumped into each other off campus and the rest is the fairy tail.

How has fitness strengthened our relationship?

Fitness has provided us with something to do together on a regular basis. After long days training clients at separate gyms, we meet up to work put together. Sometimes we talk the whole workout but we always get the job done. We help each other at one another’s supplement demos and get to travel together in the name of fitness.


How do we keep each other motivated?

We love one another but see the potential waiting to be tapped into. We are always pushing to be better as a person in and out of the gym. We encourage, critique (when asked or needed lol), and always work together to be better. I think it’s our on going trust and faith in the other that keeps us motivated day in and day out. We love fitness, but we love each other even more. There’s nothing like spending time together and fitness gives us a chance to improve and push the limits as a couple on a regular basis!.

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