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We love Mimi Kong’s journey to have a positive image of her body. Sometimes we get obsessed over looking perfect when the true goal is to just get healthy…looking good is a side effect of consistent healthy eating and exercise.

“My past has proven that drastic measures/extreme diets and an unbalanced lifestyle only ended up hurting me in the long-run. Not only does it affect your physical health, but your mental health as well. At one point, I was never satisfied with my appearance and disappointed in any progress I made because I felt it was never good enough. I was striving towards a goal that was unrealistic.

Down the road, I learned to love my body and accept my flaws (like my huge calves!). As a petite girl (I’m 5’0″), it seemed like any weight I put on was noticeable. I thought I had to be tiny and skinny, but I learned to accept that my body just isn’t meant to be that. I like muscle and I like curves. During my off-season, I’ve let loose and…well, lived! No diet, no cardio, and even a small break from the gym and lifting. I’ve put on some weight and you know what? That’s okay…”–mimikong.wordpress.com




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