My Lemonade Poem


Creative response to Beyonce’s Lemonade Music Flim

Thankyou Beyonce
That lemonade video got me feeling some kind of way
I just wanna throw on a leotard
Slip on a pair of fish nets
And sashay
Shontae down the street
Drum my heels against the pavement
Like girl WERK.
Because my Beat is so on FLEEK!
I just wanna rock my Afro big as Angela Davis
Lipgloss poppin’
Hoop earrings swingin
Hips swayin’
Butt grabbin attention
Chile you can’t tell me nay-thin’!
I just wanna be so phenomenal and so Black unapologetically
Cause this video right here got me feeling some kind of way
I just wanna wake up my ancestors
Tell them their fight was not in vain
I wanna make every girl feel pretty
Lift them up from their pain
I just wanna slay every man like sweet tea on a hot sunny day
You know like make the world thirsty
For a cool glass of my lemonade
#iwrotethatshit #dontmesswithmycreative #justbeingme

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