3 ways to be strong and proud of putting on that cape to fly!


Checking out ComicCon in Vancouver as Ms. Flash, got me thinking about heroism. You know, that person who sacrifices, faces danger, takes a stand against injustice or harm to other beings? Yes, the super hero! As I walked around in costume I kept thinking, “Who the hell do I think I am?” I started to believe that I looked pretty ridiculous to other people. I actually considered going back home. But then I listened to another voice I created in my head. “You are Great! You are strong…that is who you are.” So, I shrugged off the self-doubt and activated my super powers!

I learned my first lesson of living life like a superhero. Never doubt your superpowers. Own it! According to Phillip Zimbardo, who spent decades researching what makes us good and bad — and heroic, women tend to not regard a lot of their heroic actions as heroic. It’s just what we women think we’re supposed to do for our family or a friend. Or, we just don’t like to be considered a show off. We usually downplay our heroic acts and deeds. It’s called the “Female Humility Effect”. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being humble. Super heros are known to be humble too…they’re just not excessively humble. Promoting oneself and figuring out a way to do it that’s authentic can be highly effective.


By the end of the convention, I was soaring! I truly became Ms. Flash, jumping, kicking and punching the bad guys. I was the protector of humanity. I lived my truth and had an amazing time. I’m so happy I flipped the script in my head and believed in my own greatness. The idea of being a super hero isn’t just about being physically strong, it’s more about being mentally tough and resilient. It’s about following your heart and following your own path despite what others think.

So here are 3 ways to be strong and proud of putting on that cape to fly!

  1. Spend a little time reflecting on how to think and act like a heroine. For inspiration, read a short bio on someone you consider heroic.
  2. Breathe and imagine. What if you shifted your thinking and purposely acknowledged when you sacrifice, risk, take a stand, or speak out for others, as an act of heroism?
  3. Name one time you acted heroically in the past. Do something today that is of service to another. A random act of kindness like picking up someone else’s pen after they drop it is heroic.

Remember, living life like a true super hero is about the BIG and LITTLE things we do for others.



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