What is the #journeytoastrongerme Devotional Fitness Challenge?
Everything you need to know to change your life in 40 days.


JOURNEY TO A STRONGER ME Devotional Fitness Challenge

Change your life in 40 days!



YOU can live life without bread, processed foods and junk food. Well, at least for 40 days! The JOURNEY TO A STRONGER ME 40 Day Devotional Fitness Challenge emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. It is the simplest, most effective, and most maintainable weight loss challenge you will EVER find. Take this challenge and change your life in 40 Days.

This challenge weaves together a 40 day meal plan, 40 day mantras, 40 day yoga poses for beginners, daily guided meditation, weekly yoga sequence for beginners, weekly breath exercises, and weekly teachings from our favourite spiritual/motivational authors in order to bring us closer to the goal of good health, weight loss and most importantly self-realization aka finding our own truth.

Each day at 12am pacific time we will be posting daily mantras, yoga poses and guided meditation on the wall so that you can begin your day with DEVOTION before the activities of your day gets ahead of you.

Weekly yoga sequence and breath exercises will be posted 12am pacific time MONDAY.

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This devotional fitness practice is for YOU. The next 40 days is all about YOU finding out what exactly is getting in your way…acknowledging it and dealing with it! PARTICIPATION in this challenge is KEY in order for it to work. BODY ON TRACK Nutritionist Maggie Mangiel and Publisher of BFW Magazine Nikkigrowfit have done all the research for you. All you need to do is follow our instruction and watch what happens to your mind and body. We aim to help you develop a mindset and adopt a lifestyle that not only changes the current path that you’re on, but is so easily integrated into your daily life, that sticking to it doesn’t become a chore that quickly burns you out and steals your motivation.

The JOURNEY TO A STRONGER ME DEVOTIONAL FITNESS Challenge is also giving away prizes to the overall winner. The overall winner is determined by participation, body measurements, and body transformation pics.



1. Join BFW Magazine’s Change Your Health, Change Your LIFE FB private group.

  1. Post your before pic, before measurements (waist, hips), before weight and your “why” on the FB group wall. Why does your health matter to you? If you posted your before pic in last challenge, well you have to post ANOTHER one. This is a NEW challenge. Maybe your “why” from last challenge has changed.
  2. Post your vision on the FB group wall. What does the healthy you look like, feel like and think like? What are your expectations? Grab images, powerful adjectives, verbs, phrases that describe the healthy YOU.
  3. Post your plan on the FB group wall. How are you going to execute your vision? When will you grocery shop? When will you prep food for the week? What time of day will you exercise and how often? When is your cheat meal? How will you beat your cravings?When will you do your yoga pose/yoga sequence? (Perhaps even taking a yoga class twice a week or yoga video).
  4. READ 40 pages: Go to the book store and figure out what spiritual/motivational text you will be reading for the next 40 days. The challenge requires you to read at least one page from the book and share/post on the wall a powerful message from the book that moved you and why. And yes, Bible/Koran religious text is permissible just be sure to explain the message. Don’t just post the page on the wall and expect people to GET IT.
  5. BUILD YOUR TEMPLE: Go to Walmart and get yourself a yoga mat, candles, incense, gospel/spiritual/meditation music on youtube anything that helps you get in the mood of going INWARD. Use your yoga mat for yoga, meditation, repeating/chanting/singing mantras/song

Whatever is your GOD, your DIVINE, your everlasting love, joy, forgiveness, peace…the goodness of all things…move CLOSER to that source or POWER.


1) Eat What We Suggest This part of the challenge will operate on the Honor System, so be honest with us and yourself. Following the sample meal plans we provide is optional. You CAN do your own meal plan that you feel works best for you. We are not asking for perfection, just a true reflection of your effort over 30 days.

What can you eat list. (Get the complete what to eat list on mybfw.com)

Meat- Lean protein: Chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon, red snapper, tilapia, flank steak, filet mignon

Vegetables- All types: Spinach, Kale, Collard Green, Green Chard/Swiss Chard, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, yam

Grains- Oatmeal, Quinoa, Wild Rice, Black/Brown Rice, Millet, Amaranth, Buckwheat

Fruit- All types. Ideal fruit for belly fat loss: apple, watermelon, papaya Avoid fruit juice like it’s the plague!

Fats- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic cold pressed Coconut oil, butter/ghee (no vegetable, canola or soybean oil), raw nuts, avocado.

Legumes- all types Beans/Lentils

Soy- Tempeh (no saitan)

Dairy- No dairy at all…except low fat cheese like feta

What NOT to eat list: (unless for one cheat meal per week)

NO pork, lunch meat, sausage..no processed meat. Bread- ALL types Pasta- ALL types Sweets- ALL types: Candy, Cookies, Cakes, Crackers, Croutons Potatoes- white and gold (no potato chips ) Flour based chips- ALL types (tortillas, corn chips, pita chips, bean chips, rice chips) NO WHEAT. NO WHEAT/WHITE FLOUR based products like (biscuits, wafers) NO FRIED FOODS. NO salted/roasted nuts. NO butter/salt popcorn. NO canned food. Do not try to find loopholes, if you have to ask, “does this count” it probably should not be eaten.

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