Besides medical reasons, the number one reason most women are unsuccessful at losing weight is lack of motivation. When your health really doesn’t MATTER to you…you will not be motivated to cross the finish line. Why do something that’s not important to you? Be honest. If protecting your health IS important to you, do the work that is necessary to change. When you are passionate about something, nothing will stand in your way.

Second reason is being a know it all. Most women THINK they already know how to lose weight instead of trusting the process, trusting the trainer/nutritionist… trusting what the health professional is telling you. You CAN NOT WING IT! Women must learn to surrender and let go of what they THINK is the right way. We like to be right and it can be our very own downfall. Just embrace the change and new mindset toward food and exercise.


Third reason is fear. Women are so full of fear, anxiety, mistrust about the weight loss journey because it’s something different and out of their comfort zone. They are afraid to fail and many afraid to succeed. Women must face their fears by forgiving their mistakes and the actions that packed on the pounds. Then, we must let go of the hurt and pain others have caused us. Suffering shapes the false beliefs about ourselves. Do you know how to forgive and heal your broken pieces? Learn how with exercises on the blog. mybfw.com, click Nikkigrowfit.

Fourth reason is lack of vision and laziness. How often do you visualize what the new healthy you looks like, feel like and thinks like? Not having a vision is like walking home with your EYES CLOSED!!! CREATE the purposeful vision in your head, write it down! Then execute! Don’t be so lazy about protecting your health. Do the WORK! Too many of us are lazy with healing our broken pieces and losing weight because it takes effort.

Fifth reason is low expectations. Most women say they want to lose weight but deep down don’t expect that they will succeed. Change your expectations to what you REALLY want. Believe you deserve a healthy body. Be realistic about your goals. Sorry, you most likely NOT look like a supermodel but you WILL achieve the BEST version of YOU. Decide today the struggle is OVER by joining # journeytoasmallerwaist 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. PARTICIPATE. It’s an interactive challenge that will motivate you and educate you on how to properly eat for weight loss.


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