A flight of steps is something we use nearly everyday. Yet, we never think of how stairs can actually improve our health.
It’s a convenient workout that can be done anywhere, anytime. Veronica Stocker is a top vertical climb competitor who looks amazing! In September, this 45 year old fit beauty placed third overall at YMCA’s US Bank Tower competition. She’s a shining example of what a stair climb workout can do for you. Makes you beautiful and strong! Stair climbing is a challenging workout that burns more calories during 20 to 30 minutes than you would if you were running. The main technique is to climb two stairs at a time. We recommend warming up on the ground first by either skipping or jogging.
Once you’ve started climbing the stairs, ensure you maintain proper form: with each step you take, lift your leg high, place your foot on the step and push off with your heel. This will help you keep up your pace and prevent injury. Focus on using larger leg muscles like ham strings and glutes. Avoid walking on your toes to prevent pulling the calf muscles.

When climbing down the stairs, it’s safest to descend using each step.Research has proven that stair-climbing benefits cardiovascular health—even short bouts of the exercise. A 2000 study published in Preventive Medicine monitored the health of 22 sedentary college-age women who began climbing stairs progressively over seven weeks. By the end of the study, these women were found to have reduced heart rates, oxygen uptake and blood lactate levels uptake while climbing. Their HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels had also increased.

So find you some flight of steps and get to work! Your body will thank you later!.

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