Why You Need A Trainer ?



SURRENDER, TRUST, FORGIVE, LET GO, FIND A WAY, let people help you. We can not do this fitness journey alone. It’s worth it to save your money and invest in a trainer/coach who will be in your face pushing you past your limits. We need that constant motivation like we need spiritual advisors. Also, allow yourself to be a student. Everything you think you know about losing weight and eating healthy needs to be re-examined! Throw out everything you THINK you know and just be a sponge. Trust and take in the knowledge. Fill your life with motivation but make sure you have a mentor you can touch, feel, stare into their eyes, absorb their power and passion so that you can spend more time ON the wagon instead of OFF.


Why You Need A Trainer tips

1) You’re new to lifting

Trainers can help you get over the fear of lifting. Also, pumping iron is a little more complicated than just lifting heavy things up and putting them back down again. You need personalized attention in order to achieve your goals and to make sure you are performing movements with the correct form.

2) You’re spending too much time on machines

Spending hours on the treadmill and other machines is not going to get you the body you want. Trainers can help you design a high intensity circuit training plan that will keep your heart rate up!

3) You’re focusing only on one muscle group

You need to look at your whole body. A good personal trainer can show you how to work your entire body so that you’re not just focused on legs and butt. You must have a balanced physique.

4) You’re getting bored or hit a plateau

Even if you’re an accomplished “gymmer” who has obtained great results, a trainer can help you mix things up to help you keep loving the gym workouts and to reach a higher level of awesome.


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