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Now that I’m a mama, squeezing in a daily yoga practice in the midst of feedings, diaper changes, and plain exhaustion can seem impossible. I have gotten lost in the emotional and physical overwhelm that comes with mommyhood. Without my practice I feel like shit. My back and shoulders tense up from all the feeding and holding baby, my breathing degrades, and I become really unpleasant to be around. This is why I love yoga while babywearing! When I can’t get away from baby, I can still fit in a yoga routine that grounds and restores me. I’m a better mama, spouse, teacher, and problem solver.
I’m excited to share with you some of the yoga poses that I like to do while babywearing. Here are a few recommendations that will help enrich your experience and keep yourself and baby safe:

Take a baby wearing class to correctly wear your baby in a carrier of your choice. Baby’s airways must be open and unobstructed, and knees should be higher than hips.


Also, dress baby lightly so that he/she doesn’t get overheated. Check for more information and classes in your area. If possible, go to a baby wearing yoga class so that you can practice under the supervision of a knowledgable teacher. Activate your feet, legs, and abs to stabilize your balance while you wear baby during your practice. Feel free to use the wall anytime for balance and support! Modify the yoga poses to suit your needs. Take pleasure in what you can do.

Here are 2 poses!

Warrior 2

image (8)


image (9)

For further instruction go to:

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